Mature Woman Knicks and Fetish Tips That Turn Her On

Mature Woman Knicks and Fetish Tips That Turn Her On

Older women have a variety of kinks and fetishes that turn them on. It is important to understand these, as it will help you please them and ensure they have breathtaking sex with you.

Some common kinks include dominance and submission, bondage, and sadomasochism. Others are more specific, such as lingerie play or waxing.


Foreplay is a key component of having amazing sex with a mature woman. A little bit of foreplay helps prepare your partner’s erogenous zones, so they can orgasm more efficiently during intercourse. Foreplay also creates intimacy between you and your lover.

For example, if your lover has a penis fetish (or any other body part), try kissing, touching or nibbling their erogenous zones to initiate the foreplay process. This will allow them to feel your touch, and they’ll get used to you stroking their erogenous areas.

Other foreplay activities include fingering and oral sex. You can even try licking your partner’s lips or smelling their breath, which will heighten the sensation of their lips, mouth and arousal. Foreplay is a great way to get to know each other, so it’s important that you and your lover communicate about what works for you.

Some people have fetishes because they help them satisfy non-sexual unmet needs. For example, if someone was physically abused as a child, they may enjoy getting hurt during kinky sex, because it helps them regain control over the source of their trauma. But, in reality, hurting others or yourself isn’t healthy or fun, and you should always seek a more fulfilling alternative to your fetish. If you are unable to replace your fetish, consider trying to unlink it from sexual arousal. Usually, this will involve fantasizing about the object that arouses you, and over time it will become less powerful.

Direct Approach

Older women don’t play games, and they appreciate a man who can be direct. If you’re attracted to her, let her know without beating around the bush. If you’re at a party or other public place, send her a dirty text message or whisper something hot in her ear to get her attention. Once you have her attention, tell her that you want to have sex with her. She’ll appreciate your confidence and be more likely to reciprocate.

Open communication is a big turn-on for older women, especially when it comes to discussing sexual desires. Be sure to talk about what feels good in bed and what doesn’t. It’s also a good idea to discuss your personal experiences with sex and how they relate to your current partner. Avoid gossiping about your friends or other people the two of you may know, as this can come across as immature. Showing a genuine interest in her interests and passions is another sign of maturity. This will make her feel special and will help build trust in the relationship.


Women, of all ages, crave confidence. It’s one of the top turn-ons that helps them feel more in control, which can help bring out their best sexy selves. If you’re dating an older woman, try to be as confident around her as possible. This shows her that you’re not intimidated by her age or experience. In addition, it may make her feel more open to exploring her body and sexual desires.

However, be careful not to overdo it. Overconfidence can be just as off-putting to an older woman as insecurity. If she senses that you’re not in charge, she might assume that you’re just using her for your own pleasure. It’s important to show her that you’re comfortable in your own skin and that you respect her boundaries, both in and out of bed.

Another thing that can make or break sex with an older woman is your communication skills. If she feels like you’re treating her like a fetish, she’ll likely lose interest quickly. Instead, show genuine interest in her interests and passions. Ask her about her hobbies, and don’t be afraid to get personal. The more you communicate, the closer you’ll become, which is an essential part of any healthy relationship. In addition, being open and honest about your expectations in the bedroom is also a huge turn-on for many older women.


If you want to reach orgasm with a mature woman, it is crucial that you speak openly about your desires. Mature women don’t want to be with men who don’t communicate or learn about their sexual preferences, and they will likely assume that you aren’t emotionally mature enough for her. In addition to talking about what you want in the bedroom, be sure to show a genuine interest in her life and passions. This will show that you are mature and respectful, which is one of her biggest turn-ons in a lover.

Getting intimate with a mature woman can be a very rewarding experience. However, to make sure that you are having the most enjoyable sex possible, follow these tips and take your time. A woman over 50 deserves passionate foreplay, and you should give her all the time she needs to get ready for intercourse. Don’t rush her, as this will only create tension and lead to disappointment.

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